MIP 1 – Session 6


The sixth session of the UEFA MIP programme entitled the manager in action, took place in Barcelona, from 5 to 9 December 2016. The session was directed by Francesc Solanellas, Professor of sport management at INEFC.



The main objectives of this week were: to establish a link with session 2 in order to enlarge some knowledge started then, in this session number 6 focusing in the abilities to be developed for having a manager in action; to analyse in a practical way how different clubs are structured; to debate about the leadership and motivation in sports organisations such as clubs, federations and leagues; to understand the main principles of negotiation and to practice the in a real life situation through case studies; to learn how to conduct efficient professional meetings.


During this week, UEFA MIP participants had the opportunity to attend the presentations in the following locations across Barcelona:


  •         RCD Espanyol Stadium
  •         Camp Nou Stadium
  •         Barcelona World Race
  •          Euroleague
  •         INEFC Barcelona


Participants could experience the different roles of “the manager in action” thanks to the different presentations and exercises that were conducted by various experts during this week, such as:


  •         Garcia Pont, Member of the Board, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona S.A.D
  •         Patrice Coste, Central Services Manager, UEFA
  •         Thomas Junod, Education and Universities Manager, UEFA
  •          Will Lloyd, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GlobalSportsJobs
  •          Alain Ferrand, Director of the Master’s Degree in Sport Management, University of Poitiers
  •          Josep Verges, Former HR Director FC Barcelona
  •          Miguel Angel Violan, Director of the Master’s Degree in Communication, EAE Business School Barcelona
  •          Jacques Hussy, Head of competitions ‘planning & services, UEFA
  •          Lars Haue-Pedersen, Managing Director, TSE Consulting
  •          Andrea Pozzo, Founder and Executive Manager, Impulse Momentum
  •          Ferran Soriano, Chief Executive Officer, Manchester City Group and Manchester City Football Club
  •          Jim Pulcrano, Former Executive Director, IMD



      The programme of this session was, as its title shows, abundant in “action”.

On Monday, participants took part in a UEFA Champions League match simulation leaded by Patrice Coste, Central Services Manager at UEFA.


On Tuesday, the group had the opportunity to understand the operations procedure of a UEFA Champions League game trough a shadowing and we finished the day with the social event which was a dinner at the Champions Club followed by the UEFA Champions League match: FC Barcelona – Borussia Mönchengladbach.


The next day during the afternoon, a simultrain simulation on project management was organised by Jacques Hussy, Head of competitions ‘planning & services at UEFA.

The last group work of the week was the case studies on negotiation leaded by Francesc Solanellas, Professor of sport management at INEFC. The aim of this exercise was to illustrate the critical success factors in developing a negotiation for recruiting professional players.


The next UEFA MIP session – «North American leagues and clubs» - will take place in New York from 27 February to 3 March 2017.

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