New challenges can be daunting. After so many years excelling in one profession, it is not easy to turn the page and try something else. However, turning the page does not mean turning your back on football. It is clear to me that the skills you learned during your illustrious careers can be honed and tuned in order for you to work in the game you love. 
That is where the UEFA Executive Master for International Players (UEFA MIP) comes in. Along with our academic and football partners, we have created a programme that aims to give former elite players the necessary resources to stay in the sport after they have decided to hang up their boots.
The core element of the UEFA MIP is the belief that football always comes first. During my years in football, I have seen many instances where the experience acquired by top players at the peaks of their club and international football careers have made valuable contributions to the development of our beautiful game. I would like this trend to continue and even grow stronger.
So what exactly can you expect from the programme? It aims to provide you with the necessary skills to advance yourselves as decision-makers and leaders within the framework of football administration and management. The interactive and dynamic course sets out to help you achieve your professional goals and empower you to make positive contributions to the shaping of football’s future.
UEFA knows that your experience and your expertise cannot go to waste and that is why we encourage you to play an influential role in the world of football. As you take this step towards a new chapter in your life, we will be there to support you and make sure that together we ensure the game keeps the core values that have made it the most popular sport in the world.