From top players to top leader

Former internationals who have played at the highest level have a lot to offer in the administration and management of football.

The UEFA MIP is a unique programme that has been tailor-made to meet the needs of players accustomed to winning trophies on the field, giving them a toolkit with which to lay the foundations for success off the field.

The UEFA MIP ensures that footballers hear the half-time rather than the final whistle at the end of their professional playing days, giving them the tools for match-winning performances in football administration and management as part of a second career.

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What's new?

Session 2 in Paris – Role and skills of the manager

After the first week in Switzerland, the UEFA MIP team travelled to Paris from 3 to 7 February 2020 to host a session about the "Role and skills of the manager".  

UEFA MIP III - Session 1

The third edition of the UEFA Executive Master for International Players has been launched in Switzerland


The second edition of the UEFA MIP ended with the Viva Voce on 30 and 31 May 2019 at the Royal Spanish Football Federation Headquarters in Madrid.


What next ?

New challenges can be daunting. After so many years excelling in one profession, it is not easy to turn the page and try something else. However, turning the page does not mean turning your back on football. It is clear to me that the skills you learned during your illustrious careers can be honed and tuned in order for you to work in the game you love. That is where the UEFA Executive Master for International Players (UEFA MIP) comes in. Along with our academic and football partners, we have created a programme that aims to give former elite players…


A second elite carreer

The UEFA MIP equips high-profile international players to transfer their playing strengths into effective management skills.

Leadership, discipline and a commitment to high-level performance are the hallmarks of trophy winners - applying those traits to the organisation of football is among the primary aims of the course.

Key roles in all areas of football thrive on vision, planning, analysis and observation - the UEFA MIP helps former players to apply these skills in an administrative context, producing role models for success across multiple spheres of football management.


A new course leading to new opportunities

The world of football has changed a lot over the years; the UEFA MIP gives you the tools to change with it and develop the next stage of your life in football. You will find yourself equipped to engage with a number of sectors of the football family.


A new course leading to new opportunities

The UEFA MIP is tailored to match each participant's interests and profile. It comprises seven week-long sessions (sessions start on Monday lunchtime and finish on Friday lunchtime), each of which deals with a different aspect of football administration and management.

Delivered in English, the sessions are held over a period of 20 months in major European cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona or Madrid, London, Munich and Paris), all home to leading clubs and organisations in football. Exceptionally, the first session takes place at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, while the final session takes place in New York, where participants learn about the American model of sport. For those who do not already work in a sports organisation, a three-month work placement offering practical experience.

Successful participants are awarded an executive master's degree by the University of Limoges.

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Individual monitoring and tailored assignments to help you succeed

The assessment process has been specially designed to help and support each participant in his or her academic journey. Moreover, a monitoring system has been developed to meet the specific needs of each participant and put them in the best position to succeed in the UEFA MIP.

Academic & sports partners

They know about football

The UEFA MIP is delivered by two world-class academic institutions: the Centre de Droit et d'Economie du Sport (CDES) University of Limoges (France) and the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre, Birkbeck, University of London. The UEFA MIP programme has also been developped in partnership with FIFPro and ECA.

Application process

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