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UEFA MIP IV – Viva Voce

The fourth edition of the UEFA MIP ended with the Viva Voce on 29 and 30 may 2023 in Budapest.

The participants defended their managerial report in front of a jury composed of representatives of the University of Limoges, the Birkbeck College (University of London), experts in sport management and UEFA.

The resultas were announced by Christophe Lepetit (director of the UEFA MIP, CDES, University of Limoges). A dinner was organised the same night in Budapest city center to celebrate the end of the programme. On Wednesday 31, all participants were invited to attend the final of the UEFA EUROPA League between AS Roma and Seville FC. The graduation ceremony will take place at UEFA Headquarters in October 2023 during the first session of the UEFA MIP V.

Congratulations to the participants for this amazing journey and their strong progression on so many aspects during the 18 months programme.

See you in October at UEFA to celebrate together and welcome the participants of UEFA MIP V. 

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Final whistle for the MIP third edition!

MIP 3 participants took part in the last session of the programme at the beginning of September in the North of England. After coping with 3 very disrupted years due to the COVID-19 pandemic during which they experienced considerable upheaval (sessions postponed, zoom sessions, bubble sessions, etc.), this final meeting was organised in Manchester and Liverpool from 5 to 9 September.

Co-directed by Christophe LEPETIT (CDES) and Stéphane EHRHART (UEFA Academy), the session dealt with two main issues: stadium and operations management and responsibilities of a sporting director.

Hosted in some of the most beautiful and iconic venues of Manchester (Old Trafford, AON Training Complex, Etihad Stadium) and Liverpool (Anfield), many experts coming from the sporting industry shared their insights and knowledge during these five days. The participants also had the possibility to shadow a stadium manager around a UEFA Europa League game between Manchester United and Real Sociedad.

After this last session – and a very busy year of 2022 – MIP 3 participants will have a final celebration at their graduation ceremony, early November, in Nyon.

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UEFA MIP IV in Lisbon

The UEFA MIP IV participants attended the 4th session, in Lisbon, from the 6th-10th of June 2022. Managed by Francesc Solanellas (INEF Catalunya), this session entitled “The manager in action” was dedicated to the practical issues on how the decision-making process is organised in sports organisations. During the session, the group was hosted in some of the best venues in Lisbon: Estadio da Luz, Nova University, Benfica Campus, Portuguese Football Federation and Portuguese National Olympic Committee. During the week, multiple issues were tackled and addressed by the different speakers regarding administrative, financial, HR or legal management of sports organisations, with a mix between academic and operational insights. Among the main speakers we had during the session were: Domingos Soares de Oliveira, CEO, SL Benfica Pedro Mil Homens, Director, Benfica Campus Fernando Soares Gomes da Silva, President, FPF Ferran Sorriano, CEO, City Football Group Pedro Pinto, Founder and CEO, Empower Sports Mafalda Urbano, Deputy CEO, FPF Pablo Longoria, President, Olympique de Marseille Marco Alves, Olympic programme and missions department director and Diana Gomes, Olympic Athlete’s Commission president, Portuguese National Olympic Committee Participants were also asked to present an update on the progress and status of their managerial thesis report. The next session will take place in October, in Manchester and Liverpool.
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UEFA MIP third edition in Miami

For the very first time the UEFA MIP’s US session was moved from New-York to Miami. Managed by Christophe Lepetit, head of economic studies and UEFA MIP director, and Francesc Solanellas, professor of sport management at INEF Catalunya, this session took place from 2 to 6 May 2022. The group was hosted at some of the most prestigious sporting venues of the city, such as the University of Miami, CONCACAF headquarters, Miami Marlins Stadium, Inter Miami Stadium and Eagle FC Arena. During these five days, the group had the opportunity to listen to many speakers and experts from the above mentioned sports organisations as well as from the MLS, the NBA Players Association and Relevent. Various topics making the US sporting model so specific were discussed and analysed, such as the Rooney rule, Title IX, salary cap, draft, luxury tax, collective negotiation, etc. These presentations allowed the participants to increase their knowledge about regulation and debate about what could or couldn’t be implemented in European football. Special thanks to the CONCACAF team, especially to Jason Roberts (UEFA MIP I), Jonathan Martines (MESGO V) and Christhian Tonelli, who have been a wonderful support in the organisation of this session. After many postponed sessions in 2020 because of Covid19, the UEFA MIP III will meet for their final session in England in September and then celebrate their graduation at UEFA in Switzerland on 4 November 2022.
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Kick-off UEFA MIP IV

The UEFA MIP journey has started for former professional football players Sami Khedira, Verónica Boquete, Nemanja Vidić, and Nigel de Jong. They are just some examples from the 27 participants who have enrolled this Executive master’s programme in November 2021.
Benedikt Höwedes, Hamit Altıntop, Diana Matheson, Luisão and many others will increase their knowledge and improve their skills in order to succeed during their second career, off the pitch.
At the end of their two-years studies, they will be awarded with an Executive master’s degree in sports management delivered by the University of Limoges.
Welcome to the squad of 2021-2023! We hope you will make the most out of your UEFA MIP experience.
Mihail Alexandrov (Bulgaria), Hamit Altintop (Turkey), Demba Ba (Senegal), Veronica Boquete (Spain), Serghei Butelschi (Moldova), Aurélien Chedjou (Cameroon), Nigel de Jong (Netherlands), Tulio De Melo (Brazil), Réginal Goreux (Belgium/Haiti), Benedikt Höwedes (Germany), Christos Karipidis (Greece), Sami Khedira (Germany), Panagiotis Kone (Greece), Evgeniy Levchenko (Ukraine), Renate Lingor (Germany), Luisao (Brazil), Diana Matheson (Canada), Raoni Medina (Brazil, UK), Vlad Munteanu (Romania), Francis N’Ganga (Republic of Congo), Sebastian Prödl (Austria), Razvan Rat (Romania), Lucienne Reichardt (Netherlands), Paul Scharner (Austria), Therese Sjögran (Sweden), Vicente Suanno (Venezuela), Nemanja Vidic (Serbia)
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Session 5 in Geneva – Strategic marketing and communication

After many-months of on-line meetings and webinars, UEFA MIP participants finally got the chance to meet again in person and enjoy a five days long hybrid session on strategic marketing and communication at Geneva Stadium.


The first three days of the session managed by Roman Putsch, head of marketing activities at UEFA, showed participants how to practically apply the principles of strategic marketing in the context of sports. By the end of the week, they were familiar with fan preferences, market trends and commercial partner business requirements. Key marketing concepts being brand strategy, consumer insights, the marketing mix, audience development, monetisation have been introduced.

The UEFA MIP group learned from the experiences of a number of different stakeholders from the marketing world such as:

  • Adrian Goldthorpe, chief executive officer and owner, LBA Branding
  • Kayleigh Grieve, women’s football marketing manager, UEFA
  • James Matheson, senior manager, corporate communications, The Walt Disney Company
  • Laura Louisy, vice-president, rights optimisation & partnerships, DAZN Group
  • Ben Gallop, head of radio and digital, BBC Sport
  • Ben Blanco, global sponsorship lead, The Heineken Company
  • Dominic Burns, global strategic partnerships & corporate development, Europe, TikTok

The last two days were dedicated to strategic communication and managed by Joël Pinson, UEFA Academy programme specialist. Key principles of communication have been introduced through various case studies and workshops lead by speakers such as, Amanda Docherty, director, Dial Square; Lou Buggy, director, Cakebread Consulting; Raymond Boyle, professor of communications, University of Glasgow and Richard B. Stephenson, founding partner, True North Consulting. Participants could learn in practice how to manage communication around a crisis and how to communicate with impact.

The next session will be organised in December 2021 and will focus on the importance of HR within a sports organisation. In addition, basic principles of finance will be introduced and participants will learn about the key financial tools of a football organisation.

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Session 2 in Paris – Role and skills of the manager

After the first week in Switzerland, the UEFA MIP team travelled to Paris from 3 to 7 February 2020 to host a session about the “Role and skills of the manager”.

Organised by Didier Primault, general manager at the Center for Law and Economics of Sport (CDES), this second session aimed to present the skills that former football players acquired during their career and are directly transferable to the role of a top-level manager and some others that still need to be complemented.
This session gave the opportunity to learn from the experiences of a number of different managers – some from the world of sport (Arsène Wenger, chief of global football developmet, FIFA; Maurizio Gherardini, general manager, Fenerbahçe basketball; Bart Verhaeghe, chairman, Club Brugge KV; Tony Estanguet, president, Paris 2024, etc.), and some with other backgrounds (Julien Cordorniou, vice-president, Workplace by Facebook; Branko Milutinović, chief executive officer, Nordeus; Pascal Boniface, general director, Institute of International and Strategic Relations; Pedro Pinto, founder and chief executive officer, Empower Sports, etc.).

In addition, with the help of various active teaching activities, participants were also invited to reflect on the kind of manager they want to become.

Over the five-day session, the UEFA MIP group was hosted at key locations such as the French Football Federation (FFF), Paris 2024, Paris Saint-Germain FC – Parc des Princes, French Handball Federation – Handball House and International Automobile Federation (FIA).
The next session will take place in Amsterdam from 6 to 9 April 2020 and will focus on the “Format and regulation of competitions”.

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UEFA MIP III – Session 1

The third edition of the UEFA Executive Master for International Players has been launched in Switzerland

The first session of UEFA MIP III was directed by Didier Primault, general manager of the Centre for Law and Economics of Sport (CDES) at the University of Limoges, France.

We welcomed our third MIP cohort, composed of 30 participants from around the world (25 nationalities; such as Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian, etc.) boasting a long list of outstanding achievements, including six FIFA World Cups and FIFA Confederations Cups, three Confederation Championships, five UEFA Champions League titles and 1940 national team caps.

We were honoured to be hosted by UEFA, the IOC and FIBA throughout this amazing week: where the objective was to present the general institutional, legal and economic framework of the European professional sports system and its major challenges; to give concrete examples of management careers of former international players as well as highlighting the key skills acquired by professional players during their sporting careers and how these might overlap with managerial skills.

Parallel to the session, the MIP Alumni Association assembled its annual meeting not only to discuss future challenges and emerging opportunities but also to integrate, as alumni, the newly graduated participants from MIP II.
The fact that the MIP II Graduation Ceremony, the MIP Alumni Association meeting and the MIP IIl session were all held during the same week, meant that around 70 ex-players could get together to share their creative thoughts and ideas on the topic of football management.

The session finale was the UEFA MIP II participants` Graduation Ceremony. During this celebratory evening, hosted by Pedro Pinto, former managing director of communications and media at UEFA, 21 graduates received their master’s degree from CDES, University of Limoges.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the class of 2017 – 2019!!!

The next UEFA MIP III session will take place in Paris from 3 to 7 February 2020 and will focus on the role and skills of top managers.

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The second edition of the UEFA MIP ended with the Viva Voce on 30 and 31 May 2019 at the Royal Spanish Football Federation Headquarters in Madrid.
The participants defended their managerial report in front of a jury. The results were announced by Didier Primault who represented the University of Limoges. A dinner was organised the same night in Madrid city center to celebrate the end of the programme. The following day, all participants were invited to attend the final of the UEFA Champions League. The graduation ceremony will take place at UEFA Headquarters in November 2019 during the first session of the UEFA MIP III.
Congratulations to the new graduates of the UEFA MIP! See you in November at the UEFA to celebrate all together and welcome the participants of the UEFA MIP III.
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